Just another sculptris sculpt - macho monkey

Just having fun with sculpris and blender:
Scupt started in blender -> then sculptris for body -> and rest done in Blender. I know spec is overdone but i like it that way.


haha cool, nice job

superb! whatever the message is, this is funny :slight_smile:

  • difficult to see the eyes through the shade
  • what the geometry of the banana? it looks like the part where the banana connects with the ring that it hangs on could be a little smoother for the sake of surface shading.

thx, guys. I fixed banana in first post. Edge crease worked better that edge split.
Eyes are dark, because I didn’t bother to make them properly. They are just balls with no iris. I got inspired after seeing this:

really funny and well sculpted piece :smiley: love how well you detailed the skin :slight_smile:

Great and funny modeling JoseConseco 5*
Some improvement on SSS too I think. A bit less specularity could help IMO.
Sculptris or 3DCoat, I can’t 'live" without these, I can then go for zbrush or blender, only then. Someone should start thinking about a decent re-topo tool here… 3DC is my favorite as a macuser.

nice job, although he doesn’t seem that ripped or jacked or muscular, pretty cool model though!

thx, sick - secret for good skin in good bump, so I spent some time to do it.
Thx michalis - kinda agree on spec, but on the other hand it helps to bring skin detail. Without it i looks very flat - eg. compare skin under nose with and without spec. Without there is almost no indication of wrinkles. About skins shader - it is the same as in old models, so I guess that what really helped in realism is better textures…
thanks bojo600.

I like it!

My comment is along the lines of the others… the skin and texture/material effect in general puts me in mind of looking at some sort of collector figurine sculpted with the type of material they do to make miniature dragons, elves and fairies and the like. The skin tone has the slightly translucent effect that real skin has, but the glossy effect makes him look like he has oiled his skin, or has an even sheen of sweat just beginning to break.

The eyes are white? No iris/pupil? I would give them the glossy effect the skin has, and place iris and pupil, rolling hiseyes upward as if silently entertaining some unknown little mind puzzle.

The banana looks like it was carved in wood and painted.

hahah, this is awesome! great sculpting/texturing

his eyes are kinda creepy though O_o

5 stars

Ok guys, I fixed spec and added eyes - had some problems with rendering them so they are half photoshopped. Puls some PS texturing fun

ahahah! cool!

awesome sculpting wish icould do that but that may happen in a few months or so but all the best and reall awesome detail

Very nice !
great fur

Great art! The details are worked very well.

love it…

Whoa! This is sick! So pimped and awesome. Pardon me for commenting this way, I really can’t think of any better adjective to describe the feeling I have when I saw this. Really really nice. There are some issues with regards to the DoF effect, but hell it doesn’t really matter if that’s for the sake of adding an artistic touch to it, screw realism on this one, it just purely is awesome (said it twice already).

Keep it up!


Man that’s some bad @$$ monkey with some serious banana bling goin on

that’s original! good luck.

Thanks everybody. For interested ones her are some links:

Sorry for external links, but I don’t feel like copying everything to here :confused:
I side navigation is covering image just right click -> open image.