Just Apples...

I just did this, because i had nothing else to do. It’s nothing special, just a few apples… :slight_smile:


The apples themselves are very good! The steps should be greener and less pointy. That quick fix would make this scene complete.

Also about lighting, try a using a hemi rotated parallel to the camera. That will give you best lighting results (and get rid of that dark area on the apples).

They could use some slight SSS, all organic materials need SSS to be realistic, though some don’t need as much like apple skin. Remember to turn up the translucency setting or otherwise your SSS material is dark or black.

why no shadow beneath them?

A shadow like that is hard to reproduce in real life. Looking good so far.

Thanks for the comments! Maybe I’ll fix it a bit…

its too flat. Just much too flat. Bringt down the luminance in the background and give the table some roughness. More highlights - more shadows! :smiley:
Give those apples some variety, the really all look the same. Differ them in size, color, shape. Add some AO pass to this. :slight_smile:
thats what i’d suggest to improve. :slight_smile:

Yeah AO for contact shadows would help lots.