Just blend it.

i signed it and everything so you can feel special
digital autograph deluxe edition

How 'bout “Blend it like Beckham.”

Steve S

Very simple but I like it! Simple is beautiful :yes: Have you tried any colors?

McBlend - I’m blending it.

It took me some seconds to realize what this was about x), nice one.

i was trying to keep it black/bluish and white

i might be making a shirt :smiley:


looks like you are commercial infected :-p. It’s a good clean render, do you have a wireframe of it?

the blender logo is a vector image that you can turn in to a curve in blender
and the text is text lol

i guess i dont wrote it ironic enough :-p.
So instead i write it clearly now:
You dont need Blender to build such a simple image. I even think it would make more sense to use only Photoshop or Gimp for something like that.
Your signature is very pixelated, while the rest is very sharp and clean.
Basicly it’s just 3 simple features (text, logo & signature).

It’s funny that you gave me that link, because in the “Blender Logo usage guidlines” there s a sentence:

The Blender logo only can be used as a secondary brand, which means it has to be clear for an average viewer that this is not an official Blender or Blender Foundation website, publication or product.

So for me it’s not clear that the blender logo is a secondary object.
But well, it seems it’s just a joke so i guess you wont run into trouble :-p.

Don’t see the point of this thread.

I don’t see the point of a lot of threads, but this one, I see it. Humor is the best medicine for lots of issues, especially in times like of late.

Oh, and it is a finished project thread, not a wip thread. And as for not needing Blender to build such an image - Ton and the artists at the BF used blender to make the logo found there in a blend file, right? Ton did a presentation once all in Blender instead of using Open Office or whatever.

I like it - makes me smile.

It’s art…

thats the great thing about blender being so open.
i already talked to ton about it :D.

i put my signature on it because i wanted to see how long it would stay on there after i uploaded it to the interwebs.