Just Checking In

Hey everyone ! What’s up ! Been a while.

I haven’t been blending lately, but recently I’ve gotten into furry culture and I finally understand why Cyborg Dragon feels the way he does ! You see, my love of adorable cats from before was just flirting with the experience of one with anthropomorphic beings.
I even engaged in some cosplay type roleplaying as a dragon. I adapted a blowup dragon into a suit with a little work. Here’s the pic: [link removed]

Instead of 3d art I’ve been focusing on 2d fundamentals. Right now I’m working on some art that lets furry characters explore their inner child and tap into the human condition by portraying them as adult, while being at odds with their adulthood. Here some of the pics:

I know there has to be some cool furries here which is why I’m posting this. I role play frequently in Furcadia. My username there is different, but if you wanna meet up in game just PM me and I’ll let u know my real one. Here’s one of the parties we had:

I also enjoy the Post Furry movement. Some pictures of me at a meetup, I’m in the chair:

and me getting ready for some role play !

Anyway, I’ve found that the community of furry enthusiasts is very tight knit and caring ! If you want to get into it, let me know.

Have a nice day !

Welcome back - good to hear from you.

[image removed]

Oh, my…

Uh, nice to hear from you… I, uh, hope you’re kidding. In any case, that picture is sure to offend someone, so I’ve removed it. Yeah.

I don’t think even you would’ve seen these pictures containing cats yet, just for you:D

Sorry I only like anthropomorphic kitties now.

Also, clean up your desktop, brah. That looks like my grandmother’s computer set up.

Oh I remember that pic IS from that grandmother’s desktop image. Well played, sir.

So you drew Furries with Diaper fetishism? I dare not enter the depths of your mind… Jk! Enjoy embracing your new culture!