Just Curious about base and alpha graphics



I was just deleting a game I downloaded and noticed the texture files within it. So I went snooping.

Everthing in the game, including the animations has a base and an alpha graphic. The base is a color picture and and the alpha is a black and white/some greyscale graphic/stencil of the picture.

So I was wondering how they were used and what software created the game.

Which brought me here. Is there any reason to always use a picture and a mask? I will include some of the pics so you can see what I am talking about.

Couple seconds later: the pics below dont show the titles, the fish are 001 and 002. There is a series of 8 of them, and they look the same. Perhaps the tails, may change but I didnt look that closely at them. Smile.

Thanks much,


All the parameters in the MapTo tab (can) use greyscale as values. So, let’s say it’s Alpha (and the Material’s Alpha is 0.00 and set to Z- or Ray Transp) if the Alpha button is clicked once black will generate no alpha while White will generate complete transparency. If you click the Alpha button twice it turns yellow and the effects of black and white are reversed.

The same is true for Reflection (if you use the slider in the Diffuse Shaders and turn Reflection down to 0.00) that will use Black as no reflection and White as full reflection


Since the GE doesn’t use Material textures and the MapTo functions are not available you’ll need to bake those Materials as Textures and UVMap them.


Thank you again. So they are using these to perhaps flash them on and off?

The game was a game like the gem games? fun for about a minute.