Just curious.

Been using the tutorial and I’m trying to each myself everything I need to know about blender.

However, I can’t seem to devine if Armitures goes inside of a mesh or in you put the armitures out first then build the mesh around it.

A simple answer would be fine, nobody has to walk me though it. Either point to a better tutorial than the WiKi or let me know if I’m wrong.

If you’re using Envelopes the Armature needs to be inside the Mesh. It’s far easier visually if you set it up that way anyhow. It’s also easier if you’re modelling a humanoid mesh to build the mesh first, for robots and engineering models it’s sometimes easier to get the armature working first. There’s a recent thread about this in News and Chat or OffTopic, not sure which.


Ok, now that I have all the armitures layed out, is there a way I have to link them to the mesh’s or does this occure automaticlly. There by, allowing me to simply throw the mesh’s down and then start animating?


Do the two 30+30 tuts in the intro and then look at “The Armature” section lower down.