Just Dice

Well here is my go at something “Arty”. Hope you like it. C & C welcomed.

Cheers, Wayne (Wig42)

Very nice if not for what seems to be some odd DOF use, did you use the Cycles DOF system or did you do it in post-pro?

If you did it in post then it’s highly recommended you use the DOF rendering built directly into Cycles, it will look better.

looks good!
But shouldn’t fingerprints be more glossy? They now look like they where touched when the paint on hasnt dried yet.

Thank you both. Yeah Ace Dragon it is done with ycle DOF, for some reason I can never quite get it to look right it might be the target position I’m using I don’t know. And strapaxie that is a good point about the fingerprint, I will try it again and make them more glossy. Thanks for the feedback both of you, gld you like it. Wayne.