Just did it today

Just did this today can yall help me out and give me some pointers!

Pretty nice willow, you used the L-system script, I assume…

Good texturing and nice environment, maybe the bark is too yellowish and there are ugly joints between branches here and there


P.S. you don’t need to include your URL in your signature, you have it already, is the small house bottom of your messeges :slight_smile:

That is a pretty nice looking tree. I just thought the sky texture was a bit grainy and some of the joints look funny. Did you use a script for the leaves?


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Hmm… Williwwall has better grass… That´s the only diference I can see. Pretty good except for ugly joints between branches. Maybe CTRL +J and subsurf?

Willow is better because model imperfections are far less visible.


Ill post the new pic when i fix the joints