Just finished my latest animation. I hope you enjoy the show!

Hey folks,
This episode took quite a while to produce due to some hardware issues but it seems everything is back on track. I hope you enjoy the video :wink:

Nicely done. Very professional production values. A suggestion for you to consider or disregard: as the tension begins to increase, heading toward the climax, shorter, sharper sentences will better help to create an anxious mood. It takes a calm and collected mind to think in long, compound sentences. An utterly terrified mind races between fragmented, disjointed snippets of frantic thought.

Hi Janos,

Welcome to the Blender community. I agree with your suggestion. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to suspense and narration. Iā€™m currently wrapping up Episode 2 of the Nightmare Pizza Delivery and I am having a similar challenge where the narration is kind of interfering with the suspense of the scene.

Thanks for the feedback :wink: