Just for fun - Black Currant Dream

Hi all,

Just thought I’d much about a bit with a fairly simple, kinda abstract picture.
I thought I’d share it with you because I think the colours are juicy. :smiley:



cool render !!!

Cool. What is it?

Cool. What is it?

Well it’s abstract so it really isn’t anything. Just something that looked pleasing to me at the time.

In Blender though, it’s a UV sphere that’s been massacred by irreverant rotation of some of the vertices along with an extrude along normal script.

Very simple really - but I just wanted to create a shape with some juicy black currant colours.


Look up into the forum!

Is it a cherry flavoured corn-on-the-cob? Is it en electron micrograph of a strange alien insect?
NO! It’s SUPER Black Current! … err Dream

Good stuff. :slight_smile: