Just For Fun

I made a simple scene to play with light, material, dof…

I hope you like it.

Neat work Bruh. Just change the hdri because it doesn’t fit with the scene.

It’s great, the two experimental angles are fun but the only one that is useful is the main shot. I think the image out the window gives away that it is just a flat image, if you did something to that to give it proper perspective the whole thing would be spot on.

Hi guys. Thanks for your answers.
In truth, I tried to leave the external image visible. Maybe I had to blur it, but it was wanted…

Mostly I think your work is great. But one thing that caught my eye on the first picture was the light from the lamp. It seems too bright, to local, and the wrong shape. I would expect it to extend down farther, fading away as it goes. But that’s just my take on it, for what it’s worth. Overall, one of the better interior scenes I’ve seen, good contrast and shadows.