Just for fun.

Just made a Gimp sketch and later colored it.

Be aware, this is my first attempt to sketch with Gimp.
Only used it so far for making textures for Blender.
Before this I just used pencil and paper to sketch.

Hope you like it.



Looks cool! Don’t understand how people can make that kind of stuff in the gimp! very very nice :smiley:

Btw, can u say “just for fun”?? Would’t it be more correct to say “Just for kix”?? just somthing a english guy told me for a long time ago… :wink:

very good, what tools do you use? do you use a tablet?
I only have my good old mouse, and I use the (airbrush? whatever it’s called). to rough then sharpen with brush (marker? I never remember tool names)
anyway,heres what mine look like without sharpening (sorry dont mean to hijak or anything).

how did you color it?

amazing work

Thanks for the kind comments.

I love The Gimp! It hasn’t everything PS has but for me it’s ok. Besides PS is a resource hog. I tried Gimp within Windows for a while but I was not pleased with it, but now I only use it with Debian/Linux and and it’s a great tool and it works much smoother in Linux. Just for kix!

I use a simple Graphire Wacom. It took a while to get used to, but I can’t miss it anymore. For example this image took me 30 seconds to make as fast sketch, just as fast as pencil and paper. Finishing did take more time.:wink:

I did the coloring with the Levels and Curves tools. I learned this from a Pro illustrator. This way you can work fast and experiment with colors and saturation, etc. Try it! I used the pen at last for retouching the colors.

Still I am for from pleased with the image, but it was only done to experiment with my tablet and Gimp.

what’s gimp? (im an idiot…)

“GNU Image Manipulation Program”, it’s the open source alternative for photoshop (PS). But it’s not a real replacement, it just hasn’t got as much options as photoshop. But on the other hand, it is a lot smaller… And better useable on websites etc. You should try it out sometime (www.gimp.org).