Just for fun.

What is the first thing you think of when you read or hear the word Blender 3D?

something has just gone berserk and completely wrong.

The program,

Okay so that was a boring answer but…

Whatever project is the biggest I’m working on at the moment, then this forum, then Ton’s speech impediment, but all of that basically at the same time.

Actually I was looking at a recipe and I was like “Blender!! Oh wait, that kind of blender.”

A blender| |saying the name blender 3d gets old| |more blender’s that’s it?

a monkey head!

A group of people I really don’t belong to or want to belong to but still belong to because we happen to use the same software.

Interesting thread. Look forward to other reponses.

To me personally The Good Old Days of Blender! :cool:
after that Suzanne AND THE UPDATES!.

How long ago, your join date shows you came just last June.

Many here remember the days when Blender didn’t have even basic undo, no face and edge selection either. And get this, NO RAYTRACING (meaning env. maps for mirrors and no refraction.)

I’d say back in version 2.30 Anim8or’s (current) renderer would’ve been competitive against Blender’s if it had env. maps.

The old Blender gamekit, “free complete 3D suite” (text on the banners in the ski demo in the old gamekit), then the blender.org homepage.

This is a fun thread, CD.

Can be many things.

You’ll be able to play them again with the new gamekit, the games redone for Bullet. One of Erwin’s preview builds came with the old skategirl demo working like new in bullet.


The first ever time i saw it on the internet… i was like blender!!:rolleyes:, the thing that woman use in the kitchen that makes that annoying noise that really gets to you, especially when your watching tv;)…

Yes I just join in last June But I was using blender back in 2003! :evilgrin:
I was careless on sign-up &posting with websites like this one and I had other problems etc
We did not have the tools back than like now but it was very Very fun to see and work
blender all this years and experience what it can do for the artist.

The music magazine Blender… not!

Well I think of this comunity that does silly things, get locked topics , and…