Just for fun...

Okay, there is nothing political/religious/ personal/controversial in this thread. Now do you suppose it will get locked? :smiley:

post count +1 :smiley:

(No, this is not a free license for the rest of you to do the same. It is a satirical response to pixelmass’s original post… aka “just teasing.”)

Well this depends on several things, all of which need to be taken into consideration.

Are either BgDM or OTO about? Check - NO, so the odds of locking have been reduced by 10%

Will a certain draconian turn up? Check - YES, so the odds of locking have gone up by 10%

Is there a point to the original post? Check - NOT REALLY, so the odds of locking have just increased by 30%

Is this thread discussing thread locking? Check - YES, so the odds of locking have increased by 20%

Has a mod contributed to the thread in a manor that isn’t a warning? Check -YES, so the odds of locking have gone down by 10%

Have the words “political” or “religious” been mentioned? Check -YES, so the odds of locing have increased by 20%

There are other factors i havent considered but i calculate a 60% chance of thread locking.

Darn…I wish that I knew how to use satire…


Heh…I rate that as pretty good on the satire scale!

Will a certain draconian turn up?

You rang for a Dragon?

This thread won’t get locked, it depends on many factors. Though it may not when members are talking about threads getting locked.

Oh boy, here I sit patiently tying up flies. They are hard to craft yet they seem to work. I think that a lot of it has to do with the presentation. Now, if I were fishing for dragons, how would I go about it? A lively spinner or spoon in the morning? Maybe a gentle roll cast into a deep pool in the afternoon? You never know what the river will provide. At the end of the day though, all you have to do is to fry up your catch, then get out a toothpick. No big deal, that’s just life. :slight_smile:

I like pictures of fuzzy kittehs. Espetially when they has funny captions.

rly? so do i! i think the funniest ones are when thye make grumpy faces.

did u see the one about firefox on icanhascheezburger? that wuz funneh.

Careful talking about cats… Cyborg Dragon will soon post a picture of a beagle. Everyone has been warned.

Now the odds go down with the injection of Beagles looking cute

much cuter =D

I made a puppy in the blender just for this thread!

Is so cute!

I gots rid of compression by save in MSpaint alot.


… wow…

Sorry :frowning: not full size in last post :( :(

Now full size.


What a wonderful puppy!


(the images are only a hundred kilobytes BTW…shouldn’t take very long at all to load :))

Wow! I’m impressed. This thread still seems completely harmless to me. (I didn’t know that pixelmass and Killer liked kittehs…) Carry on.

BTW, here are a couple of strange pictures I took.

RCA Dog is creepy:

This is an Easter snowman: