Just for fun.

Just for the sake of all-in-good-fun craziness…


This is meant in a non-harmful, conversation starter sort of way. Furthermore, this is the only original thing I could come up with for the off-topic chat forum! :o

See ya!

You know, you’re not actually REQUIRED to post. If you can’t think of anything to post, then don’t post anything at all. It’s easy, and then you can go to bed and think to yourself “Hey, I managed to refrain from looking like a complete ass for a whole day!”

Or have we all just agreed to have no standards whatsoever anymore?

Hi there.

Just to have a normal conversation here.
I know, you’ve been thinking a lot of topic to post in this thread.
What if, let’s just post here about the things we did the whole day.

My suggestion.

Thats why I dont post as much anymore. :smiley:

Windows made a nice program for this. It started with the “M” and somewhere in the name, there was a “S” and a “N”. Can’t remember the name of the software :confused: