Just Forget It

Hello again! Considering this is probably around the 20th time you’ve viewed this image of the Silence, you’d better leave a comment before reading the rest of the description. Otherwise, you’ll just look away and forget you’ve ever saw it, returning to the top of this text. Here we go again…
If you’ve been smart and made it this far down, great job! Hopefully you rated it or wrote a comment or something so you’d remember seeing the Silence. For those of you unaware of great abundance of Doctor Who villains, these creatures, as pictured above, have the acute ability to remove any memory you have of seeing them. Once you look away, you’ll forget you ever saw one, hence the start of my message. Good news is, by liking the image or giving helpful comments, you can avoid this whole process. Otherwise, well, you get to read my message a whole bunch more times. Have fun!
This image was rendered in cycles at 2000 samples. Hope you enjoy.

You should include a photo of whatever you want us to see.



The technology of leaving comments is far simpler than sending a spacecraft to the moon…

Anyway, I really like the model and the style. Well done!

Thanks guys :). I know leaving comments is easier then sending spacecraft to the moon, but whatever. Maybe the silence are trying to be more economical.

i can’t remember why I’m commenting…

Commenting on what? :stuck_out_tongue: