just found this blender to real life exporter

Hi folks,
I just watched an interesting movie about a machine which is able to print 3d. The guys in the movie are talking about different methods to create 3d objects from files on a computer. The first machine they introduce is a color printer which creates gypsum objects. The machine costs at the moment about 60 000 Euro (84 000 US Dollars). The other machine uses a laser to create metal objects from metal powder and they are also taking about a third machine which seams to work with some kind of plastic and is able to dismantle the created object to plastic powder again to create something else afterwards.

They where thinking about what possibilities this would lead us to if you had a database of objects and create them everywhere where you got a 3d printer. For example they said that spare parts could be produced on the ISS space station with a bag of powder instead of sending all possibly required spare parts up to the station. Only the file would need to be transfered.

If you are interested in this movie, you can download it here (yes it legal) :wink: They are talking german. If you don’t understand a word you still see some interesting pictures.


Now think about how this technology could serve us blender artists. Especially if we can’t only work with different colors but also with different materials!! The price for the machine is still quite high and the machine isn’t really ready for daily useage jet. But the idea is simply amazing!

Hmm, I have heard of 3D printers before. Is there something specifically different about this one? Or is it about 3D printing in general. I’m not able to watch the video at the moment so maybe that would clear it up.

Personally, I’m holding out for a holodeck :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. I have thought about a way to export thouse 3d models into real life lately but I didn’t had much hope that it could be made by using the print button. But I haven’t heared of 3d printers before so I just wanted to let you folks know.

I remember a thread some time back where someone was working at a place that had a 3D printer, and had offered to print peoples’ models for a good price I believe. Not sure if the offer still stands or where in the world he was. I’m pretty sure that you would be able to rent time on a 3D printer if you had a piece that you really wanted to see in real life. Probably it would need to be exported in .obj format or some other compatible format.

thanks, nice to know. Maybe I will come back to his offer later because I have no object to print at the moment.

Cekuhnen did a tut a while back in Blender Art issue4 on creating real objects from .STL files in Blender.

Also 3D printing doesn’t need to be as expensive as mentioned above…look here

hmm… real life… yeah thats the most popular and awesome MMORPG! :slight_smile: wish id have a 3d printer so i could extend the game… :frowning:


They sell a 3d printer for about $ 3000.
I know the guy that creates the printers, we even have a printer at a place close to where I live.