Just found this...check it out...

(MaceG) #1


(joecool) #2

looks kind of dumb. first off, it’s in a windows type environment, which is terrible, and it looks like there isn’t any anti-aliasing. that’s horrible.

(stephen2002) #3

joecool: the thing is a real-time engine…not very many real-time engines have AA, including Blender!

At least, I think it is a real-time system.

I read into it some more…it is designed to be a real-time system but they tacked on some render-to-video features.

(blengine) #4

yeah, it comes with a real time engine, which is pretty darn cool! i think ill give it a go and see how it works… it uses direct x teck,ooo promising =) thanks for the link up

(IngieBee) #5

One big negative, it does not allow import of other model types. You have to use their modeling program, and I can’t even get a primitive up??? Looks like I’ll have to look at some instructions (God I hate that!!!)

Of course you’d be stuck with windows. You know I’m not much of a hardware/driver person, but does anyone know how much better windows drivers are to OpenGL? Also, Isn’t direct x just the “engine” used in real-time? What makes it better/ more efficient or is that just an illusion?

Just curious and ignorant :stuck_out_tongue: