Just fun days...

Okay, just one of my silly days (and I do have lots of them). So you see, the other day, was Veteran’s day, and so, all that there was on the teepee were endless war movies. Well, enough is enough, and just could not stand it anymore. I took my dog up to the store (well, he needs his walkie you know?) , and I bought a couple (two) beers while I was there, which were to be enjoyed later. I had my denim bag with me as I really don’t care for plastic bags and such. The clerk (Johnny) remarked “How cool”. So anyways, I sort of laughed.

Now what happens next is really fairly entertaining… .
Johnny, the clerk, asks me (as always) “how are we doing today?” Now that question sort of weirdos me out. And always ask back “I don’t know, how are you doing?”, you see, the “how are we doing” question does leave to somewhat of a personal interpretation as I have no real means to an answer, it is confusing as I do not know just how the other person may feel.

Now, bear in mind, there is a fairly large line of customers with their their coffee, cigarettes, bottled water and stuff like that behind me anxiously waiting to be attended to, off to their busy day, I would suppose. So, Johnny asked me the usual question, and I gave him my usual reply.
He responded “ So far, So well”. Well then, I had to tell him of the fellow who jumps off the Empire State building, and halfway down, said the exact same thing. Now this made him laugh as well of most of the customers. Then, upon a brief respite, I had to relate that if one were standing on the Empire State Building, it is far better to get pissed on than pissed off! :wink: