Just getting started

Hey guys
So I just started learning blender this past week. As I have been going through tutorials I hear that I should get a proper mouse. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to break the bank I a mouse yet. Maybe something under $50.
Plus if you have any suggestions or help for a noob it will be greatly appreciated.

Any mouse with normal precision and three buttons will do it. You do not need something special.

you will only need an ordinary optical mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel

I like to use a Wacom tablet, but that’s a personal preference and by no means a requirement. Any mouse with three buttons is OK. However, using Blender with a trackpad is a pain.

Welcome to the fray! Like it’s been said earlier… nothing special, just a good ol’ 3 button mouse will do the trick. You’ll pick up preferences along the way and I’m sure in time you will start acquiring all that “special” stuff.

When you said “suggestions or help for a noob”, what did you have in mind? Tutorials, or just simple pointers?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll stick with the mouse I have until a chance is needed.
I found some good tuts so I guess I’m looking for tips that maybe someone new to blender should know.

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to confirm what been said earlier, you will need a mouse and a three buttons