Just got me 360

Well, microsoft finally got the 2nd shipment out to the 'lil gamestop by my house, and I got my 360,and it’s unf^cking beleivable. blow all that sh^t that critics, and those heavily involved in the industry said out the window. I love it. the marketplace (so far, I haven’t bought anything yet. Ihave howeve downloaded stuff) is executed cleanely, the dasborad alone kept me occupied for half an hour.(editing your gamercard/profile is basically a half-assed rpg :wink: ) perfect dark zero is great, the minor-so-far lag issues in quake 4 are barely noticeable, the graphics blew me away ( keep in mind that none of the games on store shelves actually use all 3 processors. go take a look at ghost recon advanced whatever. I beleive it is the first to use all three, and damn its pretty!) in both games.

Remember, the people telling us about the 360 have access to the best of the best, and have come to expect nothing less. Also, becausse some of the games graphics weren’t the unreal awesomeness of what some initially expected, these reveiws are kind of harsh. (this is vice versa of the past generation, because of how absolutely horrid the playstation’s graphics were, and that the hardware was never pushed as hard neaar the end of it’s lifecycle, as the past systems were.)

the only thing i have to bitch about so far is that my so-called 20 gig hard drive appears as only 12 gig on the 360. maybe it needs to be formatted? :-?
I did a quick google, and found a couple of articles mentioning it, though i’m not sure of any specifics because i just skimmed them. Never the less, microsoft is getting a stern call tomarrow (maybe the next day cause i’m gonna be too busy with my 360, shoveling snow, and watching the ringer and fun with dick and jane)
still, the average game save is 5 mb, so if i make ten profiles per game, then:
50 mb per game, 50 goes into 1000 20 times, so i’m gonna need a hell of a lot of games to fill up tht hard drive. I will be putting some media on it, though I doubt i’ll have more than 2 gigs (let alone 11 gigs) of it to put on there. I do have a monitor on my pc to watch videos on, so…

transferring my live account took me no more than 5 minutes.

overall: 9.5/10
(I’ll be updating this in a week or two after I have a little more experience with the thing. i did just get it today)

p.s. the second trailer is the one you should watch of ghost reacon. it gives some nice close-ups of the charachter models, not just the gameplay-back of the player’s head veiw. afaik the whole thing is in-game graphics. It seems unreal at first, but if you think about it for a while, 3 3.8 ghz processors, 512 ram, and a bunch of other custom parts (the 360 isnt made of the off the shelf parts as the original xbox) all of it specialized ofr playing games those graphics seem about right. Plus, if it were pre’ rendered, it wouldn’t have nearly as many errors as i saw (edges were visible on the models, although very hard to find)

pss. very sorry if my englis and punctuation in here are poor, but it is getting late, so i’m kinda tired. i’ll fix some of it tomarrow if I get the chance. :expressionless:

That is nice, I’ve heard plenty of positive reviews on the 360. I don’t think I ever heard any negative reviews on the X-box, performance wise. I heard the Microsoft was loosing a ton of money of every X-box 360 system it sold. On game spot, www.gamespot.com , there was an article stating that Halo, and Halo 2 was the sole reason for the original X-Box’s success. Had it not been for those 2 games Microsoft would have had and unsuccessful campaign. That is probably why there are plenty of cautious critics.
Though the X-box hardware is awesome, this should say something about X-boxes games…
Some people still are skeptical, wondering if third party programmers can bring out the full potential of the 360 though…

I was never really an X-box fan though.
Don’t really worry about the critics though, I’m sure has enough money to through away. They probably even realize that the reward outweighs the risk…
Enjoy your game!!!

PS: I think I’m finish with console games for a while, last system I bought was the GameCube. It was fun while it lasted though…

my so-called 20 gig hard drive appears as only 12 gig on the 360

I heard somewhere that some of the HD is taken up as a “swap” space. Also you have to account for the OS and a few downloads that come pre-installed on the XBOX 360.

My brothers and I have one. Nice machine, indeed.:slight_smile:


Will the nintendo and sony systom out perform the 360 ?

The Playstation 3 is 2x more powerful than the xbox 360.

The Nintendo is not as powerful than the other 2 machines.

kit89: Are you talking about “floating point” calculations? I’ve seen a side-by-side comparison of the two systems and they are very close in terms of power overall.


Actually, I did a lot of research into them, looked at a ton of side by side comparisons, and the truth is that the 360 nad ps3 are just about the same. ps3 is a little better, but not by much.(afaik, the difference isn’t even as noticeable as that between the ps2 and xbox)
Althaough, the ps3 has seven processing streams, so its gonna be a total pain in the ass to format games for it. because games need to be tested very often as the game is developed, developers problably will need to reformat the game for the system over and over again because rudimentary tests cannot be done by a pc (a pc has one processing stream)
lets see some of those lazy ass third party developers put together a game for that. :wink:

P.s. i’ve decided to update the review once I’ve finished perfect dark zero, but for now I can say that the lack of AA is bothering me.(not to the point of hating the game)

Personally, I don’t care which is fastest, its the gameplay and breadth of content that will win me over. For me the PS3 will probably win me over, as the discs they will be using will hold a lot more data. (I read somewhere they will hold 10x more)

That will hopefully translate into longer and possibly better games in the long run, but we’ll have to see.

ah, “fun with prick and jane”

have fun. my 6600 gt will hold me over for now.

You know when the prices come down, one of those may make a relatively good rendering solution to the home PC. If it were possible to install Linux on it like on the regular ones. I read an article recently though that a Beowulf Cluster with 8 nodes of normal Xboxes wasn’t much faster at rendering than a PC was however. (Article Here)

On a separate note, I never buy gaming systems the first year they come out. I wait at least another year or two (I only bought xbox two years ago) so that prices go down and reliability goes up.

Well since I was one of the lucky ones to find one a few days after it came out… I can say… even after playing for a while the 360 is grand.

The interface and the way xbox live is integrated is amazing.

You can go into a chatroom with a friend talking about what you want to play and just swap disks and load games whilst you keep talking.

You can get into your friendslist at any time… you get to see exactly whos on or when they were last on. You can compare what everyones done in every game any time.

The games are nice as well. It’s lovely to see how much better some of the old games look when you slot the disk into the new thing. Suddenly halo2 has a lot more crisp detail.

Also fun… downloadable minigames like pool… you pay a bit, but they’re cheap and great fun late at night.

It’s rather obvious btw that the developers are enjoying some newer bumpmap stuff in quake & perfect dark… it’s overdone a bit… It’s like a blender n00b making everything look a bit too plasticy and setting the nor too high.

it’s a thing of beauty… though I have to say… if I wasn’t heavily into live… I might have waited for the ps3 and made up my mind then.

I find that most games are getting shorter and easier.

I read in a magazine that the Playstation 3 will becoming with an Ooperating System. So they can sell it cheaper ans claim it is a pc.

Can you guess what O/S thier putting on it?

Thats right Linux.

I doubt Sony will sell the PS3 cheaper. They have always had pretty high pricing.

That’s one reason I think the PS3 could suffer from the XBox360’s early launch. I was a hardcore PS2 fan and I probably wouldn’t have even taken a free XBox but I’m struggling to choose between a 6 month wait for a machine that will likely have the same performance as a machine I can buy now.

The only things keeping me hanging on are that the PS3 may have better/more games like the PS2 did over the XBox; it should be slightly faster and it has a built in Blu-Ray drive. I read somewhere you can record TV on it so you can get rid of any old VCRs you have.

However, I don’t think the performance difference matters. It’s all down to how well they can apply it to the games. Also, I think the fact the XBox is already out may sway some developers over so by the time PS3 is out, they should have quite a good selection of titles. The Blu-Ray for me is largely negligible. I don’t have an HDTV so I probably won’t be buying more expensive HD discs anyway. DVD quality is fine for me. The advantage I can see is that some developers will be able to fit higher resolution textures and things onto the disc but they will still be limited by the machine. I also have a DVD video recorder so I’m not bothered about TV recording.

I actually think it will be easier to copy Blu-Ray games than DVD ones because it’s less likely that developers will use all the space. With DVD there was the dilemma of putting a dual-layer 9GB image onto a 4GB single layer disc. Of course I read the encryption on Blu-Ray is much stronger but it’s just a matter of time.

Only time will tell who comes out on top. I still hate the XBox controller though and that would honestly be enough to prevent me buying one. I don’t know how big the hands are of people who work at Microsoft but they make everything so chunky. It’s the same as my mouse - so non-ergonomic.

I am very satisfied with my PC and I dont see the point in getting a console. I can run almost any pc game out there (including half life 2 and call of duty 2 which are in my opinion awesome games). Teamspeak, Xfire etc and all those similar programs work fine too to play with friends. And the Pc is in my opinion just better overal as you can do more stuff with it. A console well, its just for games, no blender, no this no that. And I personally dont really like the gamepad controls (thats because I am so used to a keyboard and mouse :D)

I did hear rumors that sony might be selling PS2 with up to 2 defective processors (out of the 7)…

I’ve heard that 360 can’t play games for the Xbow 1. Is that true?

There’s a list of games you can download a patch for, so that you can play them(xbox 1 and 360 have different graphics cards) the list is large, however you cannot download these to a memory card, they need to be on a harddrive (xbox 1 games also are designed for a system with a harddrive, so that’s essential)

sums up the 50+ articles i’ve read on it.

I find that most games are getting shorter and easier.

I read in a magazine that the Playstation 3 will becoming with an Ooperating System. So they can sell it cheaper ans claim it is a pc.

Can you guess what O/S thier putting on it?

Thats right Linux.

at first it seemed like bullsh^t, but then I went with my general “google it and see if it’s true, if it even exists” i found this:

ign seems trustworthy enough, but sony has a history of lying/eggagerating things. ps3 will be pretty much the same as the xbox, and that’s it in a nutshell.

Why the hell are they trying to market the ps3 as a computer? last i checked, ps stood for playstation. also, a “cheap” computer is usually like $400-500. how would marketing a pc allwo them to sell it cheaper? that’s the whole idea of a game system. give up some of the fuctionality of a pc, and get a lower price.

I did hear rumors that sony might be selling PS2 with up to 2 defective processors (out of the 7)…

sony also has a trck record of cheaply made hardware. i’ve gone through 3 ps2 controllers, and my gamecube and xbox controllers don’t even have loose analog sticks yet.

Ps. alnmost done with perfect dark campaign, just want to play a little more of the multiplayer too.

If they will, it would be very small, that’s for sure. But it sounds very logical if you ask me. To keep the game machine open people will often contribute toward the gaming and open source system, all that is required is a good base to start off. I think we will be seeing more compatible hardware and easier linux operation system as a result of it. I think it would also make a huge blow to the close source OS such as MS.

It’s also good for IBM market if they will capitalize on the open source movement.

It will also be a massive advantage to Linux, as many companies will jump on the chance for porting thier software over to ps3, as they will be garunteed that most people with a ps3 will buy the software.

Increasing the Linux support.

It’s amazing!

It could have something to do with Linux supporting OpenGL and Microsoft favouring DirectX. Reports say the PS3 will not have DirectX libraries. Plus, the Linux implementation might be a custom job (custom GUI?). I doubt it will do anything for the Linux PC user base.

There are rumours that it could (but likely won’t) run a Mac OS given that the PS3 uses a PowerPC chip, which is another point. Any Linux system will be a ppc Linux system, so you’ll have to get ppc binaries for all your apps.

Also, it still only has 256MB Ram and you’d have to somehow get full keyboard and mouse support. And even then, you can only run Linux apps of which there are just a handful of useful ones.

Gaming hardware becomes more powerful, gameplay reduces.

Seems to me a lot of effort is made into making games look good “ooooh, look at those realtime hdri lighting antialiased hi definition graphics”, but the actual game isn’t all that fun to play.

<Retro>I remember when I was a lad being amazed at an entire universe fitting on a 5.25 inch floppy disc while playing Elite on the BBC Model B. Now thats proper enjoyable gaming </Retro>

Isn’t this why Nintendo are openly admitting that their new console isn’t out to match the XBOX 360 or PS3, but they are concentrating on getting gaming back to being about the games rather than realtime hardware demos.