Just got my Prizes From the F1 Challenge :D

I just receive, from Japan, the Horus dvd and The [kara-ra] book.

Those pic in the Ka ra book are awesome! Very artistic, I love them!

and the story of Horus is simply awesome.

Even if the “graphic” in some scene didn’t seem to be as good as in some other scenes, I think the whole movie together was really great.

Ooh, I wanted to know, how the hell can we do a “reverse build” effect??

In horus, at the end, the main character kinda disapear. From the top to the bottom. IF anyone have any idea how Shigeto did this :o

/Me is now waiting for his poster :smiley: hehe

Good Work Shigeto!


congrats…again :stuck_out_tongue:

congratulations once again!

I don’t know how he did it, but you could use a normal build effect and reverse it with a time IPO.