Just got started

First please forgive me if you get this post alot, how ever I am new not only here but to blender and was curios as to how i should get started… perhaps there are tutorials or something? all help is appreciated…

Blender3d.org has a number of tutorials that should help you get started. Look over there

The documentation is there.



Also… I suggest that the best approach is to browse. Graze. You will be inundated with a hopeless number of things you’ve never had a clue about before, and if you try to grok them all at once, your head will explode. Trust me. :smiley:

So… scan the material. Whatever you don’t grok, just let it roll right along and keep scanning. Little by little and perhaps with no particular apparent sequence, things will start to make sense. It might take weeks.

Whatever you do, don’t feel stoopid, or alone. You are neither. “Computers make fools of us all.” %|

Find the file “Basic Training” in my sig.