Just had my ass kicked

On my way home by two older chavs I’d never seen before. Didn’t even have time to defend myslef. My face is totally fucked up. Bruises all over and a huge lump + cut under my left eye.

Man, that blows. cant say ive been in the same situation, people usually lay off pretty quik when it comes to me. Sorry man…1 question
Where are you goin with this thread?
peace Man :wink:


hope your okay in a few days :wink:

i have never been beaten up before in my life, sure i have been in a few fights, but i always seem to be the victor, and when i was in a fight, i never wanted to ever hurt anyone, just sometimes people need to be taught a lesson…

but i would never ever hit somebody for no reason… which seems to be your case…

Thanks guys!

I don’t know why I posted this really. I’m just pissed off.
Flurp: I agree with you. I never try to hurt people if it isnt neccessary

Did they get any money off of you? If not, just remember, chicks dig scars… Supposedly…

if they did… sorry :frowning:

Nah man, no money.
Good point actually seeing as I had like £50 in my wallet. It was just a random attack.
Hope you’re right about the scar thing. Could well leave a beast of one.

Man, what is it with you and these chavs? It’s like your a “chavs magnet” I’ve never had any problems with people beating me up, everyone loves me :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you get better, they say if you put a raw steak on your face it’ll get better, never tried it, but that’s what they say.

Yeah, they are becoming a real problem in my area and somehow I always end up crossing paths with them.
Thanls for the advice, but I’m vegetarian lol

I usually don’t have a problem with this, probably because I’m only thirteen… Most people may age lay off because I’m a foot taller than most of them.

I hate it when it’s unfair chances like this. Two on one is cheap… Did they say anything, could you see their faces, etc…?

No and no. Really dark and it’s a path with trees on both sides and no lights. They were walking a dog though.

Did you wear Super Wu-Man t-shirt? They wouldn’t dare touch you :wink:


You won’t have any more problems.

But sounds like you’re a limey if you say chav so I don’t think you could get one. Maybe some less powerful self defense device, i.e., taser? I would love to shock the hell out of those kind of people…

Well, really, the ultimate solution is, to get a very large branch from a tree, complete with leaves, and if they try and bother you again, whip that badboy from your pocket, and chase them down the street :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously if i was in your situation i would definitley buy a tazer or pepper spray, and carry them everywhere.

Or just get you self a big beefy man to follow and protect you everywhere you go… along with the huge branch (complete with leaves) of course… :stuck_out_tongue:


Bruises all over and a huge lump + cut under my left eye.
Man, that’s terrible. I hope you heal quickly.

Limey? Chav? oooh British?

Sorry about the rumble (is that the right word?) people with muscles can be such jerks, but they end up bagging my groceries at the market.

I live in America where kids are so brain-dead, with white head phones crammed in their ears, that they hardly comprehend the conscious realm and no one gets beat up, but no one interacts.

I wish I was beat up. Maybe not, but I wish the people here act like people.

Best luck and I hope karma (or something) gives them cancer (or something).


stink dude. never seen anyone beaten up here (cept a few idiot kids having a scrap on the street)


Sorry about the beating man. Glad they didn’t get any money at least.

Woah! Careful there! He’s Welsh. British, but welsh too.

[insert bad welsh joke here] :stuck_out_tongue:

Guns and weapons are not the answer… in fact they usually cuase more issues than they resolve.

You carry a knife, they carry a gun, if you start carrying a gun, they will carry a bigger one.

There is no easy answer.



Sorry man, beeing beaten sucks… But the good thing is that you’ll get well soon!
NO guns anyway :eek:

Ah yes good ol’ pepper spray, in
Texas the prison gaurds take a prisoner and stip em’ down naked and then spray his whole body with pepper spray, then they take that guy and lock em’ in the shower and turn the hot water on all the way, that way it opens up they’re poors so that pepper spray gets in them. It kills some of them though.