Just how many brands have Chinese knockoff's? Quite a lot



So you can play your MiWi, get other supplies at Wu Mart and then have dinner at Pizza Huh, many of the knockoff attempts don’t even try to change the logo:spin:

…lol. Wasn’t that long I came across “Fante”,“Cola Coca” & “Sprit” lollies. They tasted horrible needless to say.

I crap my pants

bucksstar coffee


This is just too funny - at least this garbage is mainly on the asian market.
as far as I know in Europe this is an issue but the border police at the harbors
quite often do not let containers in and confiscate the imitations.

But what is really dangerous is the imitation of drugs / meds.

That is just plain criminal.


And in the same vein counterfeit hair straighteners and the likes of which you really have to worry about the safety testing of the particular items.

Not so long ago I naively bought a bottle of Cola at a flea market at a really cheap and ridiculous price, and a swig later I discovered the fiend had filled it up, after finding the bottle at some bin or something. Shows that everyone can be suckered!