Just installed ubuntustudio, 2 questions.

During the install it didnt regconize the internet.

So :

1 i just installed ubuntustudio 7.10
2 it didnt recognized the internet coneccion
3I got ubuntustudio 7.10 without internet
4I have a wireless card ( conceptronic ) in the machine
5 i received before with xp the internet from another computer with xp.

What do i need to do to get internet?

How do i install compiz in ubuntustudio 7.10?

i tried to use the normal or extra option in the visual effects in the preferences but it says i need the Nvida accelerated graphics driver.

i tell it to enable it but an error comes that says that the software source for the packacg is not enabled. ¿?

Whats wrong ?

You might need to use a program called ndiswrapper to install your wireless driver. The installation is a little too long for me to explain here, so I’ll let you Google it.

Compiz won’t install without 3D graphics drivers. That’s what the error is telling you. You’ll need to install those, so here’s a guide.

If i remember correctly, to enabled the nvidia display driver, ALL you have to do is go to System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager and enable the checkbox. I am pretty the driver is pre-loaded with ubuntu, just not enabled.

After that’s done preceed to install compiz-fusion (what we call beryl/compiz now) through synaptic.

Hi mpan3,you remember almost right… but only almost :wink: He did that already (install the nvidia) but was told that the package sources are not enabled. Therefore you have to enable it in the Synaptic package manager first. In Synaptic click on Settings-> packet sources and enable the proprietary packages, the community packages, and the other packages you like (security…). It may be the case that you are able to install the nvidia after enabling this without an active internet connection (with your installation cd), but I’m not sure…With an active connection it’s easy. Just click on use driver in the restricted manager, how mpan3 proposed…And one more thing: Don’t get confused if you see the package beryl around the other 3d packages…beryl is outdated and will not get updated anymore-it has been merged with “compiz” to “compiz fusion”. For further questions I would propose you consider going to wiki.ubuntuusers.de (if you understand german a little bit) or google - there is plenty of information available on the net especially for ubuntu.Greetings, Tom