Just love those video games!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Too busy playing video games to watch presidential ads on television? Barack Obama has found you, too, by becoming the first presidential candidate to buy ad space inside a game.
Eighteen video games, including the extremely popular “Guitar Hero” and “Madden 09,” will feature in-game ads from the Obama campaign in the final weeks before the election. The ads — appearing on billboards and other signage — remind players that early voting has begun and plug a campaign Web site that encourages people to register for early voting.


Wanna bet that this one gets locked? No special odds for CD…:smiley:

correct me if i’m wrong, but gamers are either to young to vote or are a recluse living in their parents basement who probably have no idea who barack obama is…

He’s cheating, he’s trying to get the vote of people who don’t know where he stands on the issues and expect them to blindly vote.

If Obama’s trying to get the blind gamer’s vote then by all means paint him in finding out how to cheat in a presidential election.

That is sarcastic above, but I’m still voting for McCain.

Good on Obama for being technological in the age of technological. Smart bombs and even smarter advertising.

ugh. im not buying any of those games.

Neither Obama or McCain are fit to be president.

Okay, here is the deal, we have a board with 100 squares on it. They start at 10 and run to 110.
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I put my money on 22, 23 and 24.

And 11, just in case thid thread ends early.
Also, what’s the current ratio for blender bux?

All’s fair in love and war. All the candidates want the votes of people who aren’t paying attention, it gets them support without any real accountability. He isn’t “cheating” by advertising in video games, and there’s nothing to stop McCain from doing it as well.

McCain has ads on blenderartists? I just saw it!

Voting for barracks? I choose the president’s suite!

At the current rate of exchange, 1 blender bux = .756 blenduros. Now the award shall be presented to the lucky winner as an aggregate of all squares wagered. Should by some gasp means the count goes beyond 110, a new board will be issued and the “pot” transferred. For the sake of book keeping, squares will be purchased in blender bux. What you do with the purse if winning is up to you. The winnings are non taxable and are yours to keep.

Pixelmass did you ignore PlantPerson’s post and where are you going with this?

I thought PlantPerson had a personal rule on not manipulating the moderators?

Huh? Who is trying to manipulate? I would rather go fishing, for political trolls.No, this is not catch and release, I use barbed hooks and I eat what I catch.

Is political talking allowed?
And not political flaming allowed?

In-game advertising is so annoying.

Who picked 16? Good news!