just messing around in photoshop

I removed some text from an image… I thought I did a pretty good job…

I had to redownload the image though, because I didn’t save as a different file… so the only difference between the original and mine… it is brighter, and I didn’t have the “ICI” logo thing in the bottom left corner

everything else is completely edited by me :smiley:
good job no?

[edit by moderator] These links contain partial nudity, may not be Safe For Work[/edit]
(keep in mind… this isn’t my best… considering I spent about 5-10 minutes just dinking around on this waiting for blender to render something :slight_smile: )

mmm, the clone tool

not bad

You missed a spot on her pinky :wink:
You can still read the “ul” from “ultra violet”

Other than that it’s a rather clean job. Better than when I tried to do something similar (removing cameras and microphones etc from a local politician’s photo op so I could composit it into a blender scene :wink:)

The right arm is a little wavy from your modifications.

It is appreciated if you make at least SOME mention in your post that a link contains a half naked woman.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator, :wink:


sorry about that goofster…

shbaz: yeah, I was having a bit of trouble there…
Phlip: lol… dang… I missed it… well, if you keep trying, you can get better :slight_smile:
z3r0 d: thanks :smiley:

meh. Theres a noticable color difference and the arm and upper strap have obviously been modified. Your first wack at the clone tool? nice work :slight_smile:

The problems are fairly minor and could easily be fixed.

cl0n3 t001 0wnz