Just my crapy(excuse the pun) WC entry

Its been a while since I’ve used blender, so please crit away.


I like the “How the fk did I get all this st on me” look on his face.

Nice entry. :wink:

Eh eh, that’s what it was, that thing hanging down the container!!!
That’s cooool, as i said before. Very nice" :smiley:

LMFAO! This is hilarious Lived. Well done.


I can almost smell it! Well done.

Man, what a piece of crap!


Nice entry

Thanks for the posative support guys. Blenders new features are so great these days, it was a pleasure to produce the image. The workflow is so fast that I can just spew ideas out into polys. Another thing I like about blender is it didn’t crash once while working on this. For somebody thats been slaving away in 3ds Max all year that is amazing. Anyway, I was really trying my hand at the 2.5d look, as its something I’ve never really done before. I just hope that whoever wins this week picks another great topic. I’m really looking forward to blending another challenge next weekend. Although, I think I will have to stay away from the poo jokes next time around.

Based on the subject line, for a second I thought this was going to be one of Kansas’s posts.

Dbugged, at least Kansas_15 is now making an effort. We should give him a fair go. So if you don’t have any constructive criticism on the work in this post, then please let this thread die. No offence intended though.

Only Mudpuddle went down before the voting :wink:

No offence taken. This was just another of my wise-crack remarks. I wasn’t saying anything against Kansas_15, just the subject line of this thread reminded me of some of his past posts. I’ll leave it alone.

Great pic BTW!!