Just noticed this: The Best Blender Demo Reel Film 2015

So, watching something on you tube, and naturally I click on another video, because I just had to see this video. After all, as the title suggests, it promises to be the best. Ya gotta see this…

So about the 2:40 mark, I see a dancing sequence I have seen before using an older blender character known as pantin.

See here:

Just wondering if anybody else noticed anything they might have seen before. TBH, I didn’t watch the whole video, I scolled thru it till I saw pantin.


The character is credited at the end of the video and there’s ‘animation’ as a title for the sequence with the pantin. The author of the reel is not the youtube user that has posted the video. The original title is ‘Showreel 3d Blender (2011) - Manuel Burchi’.

Edit : i was too quick, you’re right, that looks like the same animation but it’s the same author with an other name (the reel is also on the vimeo channel).

2011 isnt 2015

Yep, it’s an old video that was borrowed and renamed with a tantalizing name by some unknown youtube user. The reason is a mistery to me (the pervert pleasure of wasting the precious time of random people ? this behaviour will always baffle me… but i confess i liked investigating the case :smiley: )