Just ONE question about 2.42 hotkeys

I ve used blender 2.27 for a long time. Some time ago i’ve dovnloaded a 2.42.
And I have a problem with selecting. In old blender if you want to select half of the object. you could simply go to the top view hit the edit mode than BKEY and select all needed points by the selection frame, and cut them if you want. But in 2.42 it doesnt work. If you do the same it just select the top poins and the bottom points remains deselected so i need to select again and again to remove all unneeded points to make for ex half a sphere. So how to select half a sphere propertly?:rolleyes:

I’m not able to understand you meaning. Are you in shaded mode or wireframe?

Just go into wire mode.
In all shaded modes only the visible elements are selectable by default. Otherwise one must uncheck the button with a cube in perspective on it that appears in EditMode+any shaded mode.

While in Edit mode, press the Z-key to change the Viewport Shading to Wireframe. Everything else you described works the same.

or turn off Zbuffering, then it will work like in 2.27

or turn off back face culling…

I actually prefer to have back face culling turned off. because i only need it some times.

The default settings, seem to be set up to show a new feature is there, rather than to be useful. neither intention is wrong IMO.


Why were you using that? Is there anything in that version that the 2.3x versions doesn’t have? Sounds pretty dumb that you have used 2.27 when there is a much newer version released.

actually back face culling was turned on by default because it is how the majority of other 3d software do it.

Robin - ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ - each new version will require a bit of retraining, have new and different bugs etc. So unless you ‘need’ the features or bug fixes of the newer versions it makes sense not to upgrade.


   		 		 		actually back face culling was turned on by default because it is how the majority of other 3d software do it.

Maya for example still doesn’t have it in any default options, and only just got it in any options

The ability to have backface culling is great, having it on is a matter of preference but it would be an interesting survey.

analysing peoples defaults would be an interesting excercise.


But isn’t it better to always have the newest version? Because otherwise it’s not hard to think that Blender lack functions. I haven’t used 2.27 (I started with 2.37 or 2.36) but I think that if you want reflection you have to use the C key and stuff but with the newer versions you just enter a number in reflection and activate RayMir. Also you might find some functions that you never needed before but seems to be necessary now. And if your still going to resonate like Enom, then it’s atleast easier to learn the version with the features you need if you used some of the versions before it.

I have just ONE more question to you; Why did you posted this in the news forum?