Just One Wish - a blended short movie [lowres version added]

hey, blenderheads.
i was searching for something to cheer up the cold, lonely [for many people] christmas days… i ended up with “hey, why not make a christmas short movie with blender”.
this is what came out, a complete 3 minutes short movie made with blender2.23.

here is the site with a download link and some screenshots:
just one wish

it’s a story about cold, hope and one wish. joe, the main character is living in a cave somewhere in the mountains. he is the last survivor of a rock climbing expedition, spending 7 years of his life in the cave. his future is indeed not very bright. then, the night before Xmas, he made a wish which could change his life…

i was working on this short for more or less 3 days. i created 36 .blend files and about 4 gigs of finished movie material.
[hmm… nice chance for a ‘making of’, anyone interested? :wink: ]

i hope you like it.

this is my Xmas greeting to the blender community, YOU ROCK!
Merry Christmas!
and a happy new year


Oh my… Andy… you rock…
That was great… I really like the candle images.

Keep rockin and Merry Xmas. Andy!

YEAH ANDY… :wink: That is great. I like the first scene most. The one with the snow and the many trees. And the story is great. With that Blender notebaok :wink: hrhr, realllyyy cool.


wohooo!!! Great stuff!
I love the mood, although it’s kinda sad ;(

cya henrik

Wonderful !

Beautiful work !!

it made me almost cry, you are a true great CG artist !!

I am impressed, the candle is so awsome !

Who made the music ? it was perfect,

Perfect, a great work for your portfolio !

Happy X-mas Andy !!

That was ust…whoa! :o
Really great!

The story was good, the guy had perfect emotions and with the add of music…really nice! That’s something I would like to see from TV, quite nice [but long] advertisement. :wink:

And yah, merry christmast to you aswell!

That was really nice, love it… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Just not enough I can say about it. :wink:
Really nice, and a merry Christmas to you
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That was just beautiful!

Merry Christmas
http://w1.185.telia.com/~u18510119/stuff/icon_santa.gif pofo

Very cool. Shamless promotion but still very cool :smiley:

That was great!

That was the best, thing ever made in blender!

Bows Down
I owe homage to your greatness!!!

you should subit it to Eyedrops! the TV show all about amateaur animations on TechTV


hehheh… very nice…
there are some problems with camera movements, and animation… (shaking)
and perhaps a little bit too much panning around the scenes…
music fits like a glove!

but… I like it much… very… the mood and style is what I enjoy… little bit slow and sad… but beautiful. :slight_smile:


Like all the above, I really liked this. Well done.

that’s a very nice animation. Everything is almost perfect!!!

During all the anim I was like: I want to knoe what he wrote in the letter :-? and then when I saw his smile…I know what it was :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job @ndy! You’re one of the nest, if not the best blenderhead I’ve ever seen :wink:

:Z (wanted to try this one lol)

…whoa. :o

That deserves a standing ovation from the Blender community. Absolutely wonderful!
Your work shows us the limitless, outer reaches of Blender’s potential. You have extreme talent, not only in the jaw-dropping quality of your work, but how quickly you can create it. 3 days!? Wow!

I totally agree!

ok, i’ve plucked up the courage to ask some “How’d you do that?”'s.

first, How did you do that spectacular aurora?

Second, What aobut the Candle? is it a spot just moving, or what?

thanks in advance!


I agree with most of the statements posted. Well done indeed.

I’m also curious about how you pulled off the aurora, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do in blender for a while, just hadn’t figured it out.

Hoping I’ll be able to do something like this someday :slight_smile:

Very good, and funny!

absolutely superb work.
3 days from scratch? Impressive !
excellent rythm, nice animation, funny ending, emotion…
You got it all !!!
congratulations !!!

i just came back from my Xmas vacation and my jaw dropped when i saw your comments…
t h a n k y o u s o m u c h
a big thanks goes to CJmakerGoof for putting me into the CJ#5 :smiley:

some answers:

the candle is a simple mesh, the flame a simple particle system and the light a simple spot [simple, eh? :wink: ]

the aurora is made with procedual marble textures and animated Z offset values. i applied them to multiple planes so give it some depth.

basse: the camera shaking is intentional as i told you in #blenderchat… mabe i used it a bit too much…

i will try upload a lowres version soon for the modem people.

Happy NewYear!