Just One Wish - a blended short movie [lowres version added]

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hey, blenderheads.
i was searching for something to cheer up the cold, lonely [for many people] christmas days… i ended up with “hey, why not make a christmas short movie with blender”.
this is what came out, a complete 3 minutes short movie made with blender2.23.

here is the site with a download link and some screenshots:
just one wish

it’s a story about cold, hope and one wish. joe, the main character is living in a cave somewhere in the mountains. he is the last survivor of a rock climbing expedition, spending 7 years of his life in the cave. his future is indeed not very bright. then, the night before Xmas, he made a wish which could change his life…

i was working on this short for more or less 3 days. i created 36 .blend files and about 4 gigs of finished movie material.
[hmm… nice chance for a ‘making of’, anyone interested? :wink: ]

i hope you like it.

this is my Xmas greeting to the blender community, YOU ROCK!
Merry Christmas!
and a happy new year


(bg3D) #2

Oh my… Andy… you rock…
That was great… I really like the candle images.

Keep rockin and Merry Xmas. Andy!

(Zweistein) #3

YEAH ANDY… :wink: That is great. I like the first scene most. The one with the snow and the many trees. And the story is great. With that Blender notebaok :wink: hrhr, realllyyy cool.


(kaktuswasse) #4

wohooo!!! Great stuff!
I love the mood, although it’s kinda sad ;(

cya henrik

(sten) #5

Wonderful !

Beautiful work !!

it made me almost cry, you are a true great CG artist !!

I am impressed, the candle is so awsome !

Who made the music ? it was perfect,

Perfect, a great work for your portfolio !

Happy X-mas Andy !!

(Fareton) #6

That was ust…whoa! :o
Really great!

The story was good, the guy had perfect emotions and with the add of music…really nice! That’s something I would like to see from TV, quite nice [but long] advertisement. :wink:

And yah, merry christmast to you aswell!

(rogerm3d) #7

That was really nice, love it… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Just not enough I can say about it. :wink:
Really nice, and a merry Christmas to you
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(pofo) #8

That was just beautiful!

Merry Christmas
http://w1.185.telia.com/~u18510119/stuff/icon_santa.gif pofo

(Vigilante) #9

Very cool. Shamless promotion but still very cool :smiley:

(Night4554) #10

That was great!

(BMD) #11

That was the best, thing ever made in blender!

Bows Down
I owe homage to your greatness!!!

you should subit it to Eyedrops! the TV show all about amateaur animations on TechTV


(basse) #12

hehheh… very nice…
there are some problems with camera movements, and animation… (shaking)
and perhaps a little bit too much panning around the scenes…
music fits like a glove!

but… I like it much… very… the mood and style is what I enjoy… little bit slow and sad… but beautiful. :slight_smile:


(paradox) #13

Like all the above, I really liked this. Well done.

(Ecks) #14

that’s a very nice animation. Everything is almost perfect!!!

During all the anim I was like: I want to knoe what he wrote in the letter :-? and then when I saw his smile…I know what it was :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job @ndy! You’re one of the nest, if not the best blenderhead I’ve ever seen :wink:

:Z (wanted to try this one lol)

(shawnsonium) #15

…whoa. :o

That deserves a standing ovation from the Blender community. Absolutely wonderful!
Your work shows us the limitless, outer reaches of Blender’s potential. You have extreme talent, not only in the jaw-dropping quality of your work, but how quickly you can create it. 3 days!? Wow!

I totally agree!

(BMD) #16

ok, i’ve plucked up the courage to ask some “How’d you do that?”'s.

first, How did you do that spectacular aurora?

Second, What aobut the Candle? is it a spot just moving, or what?

thanks in advance!


(KC0GRN) #17

I agree with most of the statements posted. Well done indeed.

I’m also curious about how you pulled off the aurora, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do in blender for a while, just hadn’t figured it out.

Hoping I’ll be able to do something like this someday :slight_smile:

(wavk) #18

Very good, and funny!

(garbager) #19

absolutely superb work.
3 days from scratch? Impressive !
excellent rythm, nice animation, funny ending, emotion…
You got it all !!!
congratulations !!!

(Andy Goralczyk) #20

i just came back from my Xmas vacation and my jaw dropped when i saw your comments…
t h a n k y o u s o m u c h
a big thanks goes to CJmakerGoof for putting me into the CJ#5 :smiley:

some answers:

the candle is a simple mesh, the flame a simple particle system and the light a simple spot [simple, eh? :wink: ]

the aurora is made with procedual marble textures and animated Z offset values. i applied them to multiple planes so give it some depth.

basse: the camera shaking is intentional as i told you in #blenderchat… mabe i used it a bit too much…

i will try upload a lowres version soon for the modem people.

Happy NewYear!