Just out of Curiosity: Does anyone here now EXCLUSIVELY ONLY use Eevee for your production work?

Just out of Curiosity: Does anyone here now EXCLUSIVELY ONLY use Eevee for your production work ?

What kind of work/output do you do it for ?

I am. My laptop (Macbook Pro) very quickly overheats when running Cycles, and I can’t afford the risk of heat-damaging it. I develop “industrial animations” to show how antique machinery worked, and EEVEE works extremely well. (I used the Blender Internal renderer before it was deep-sixed, and I still want it to come back as either a fourth built-in alternative or as an external renderer.)

The most important thing for me is that I get high-quality output quickly. I don’t have time to spend hours rendering a single frame. I need to get something that looks good-enough in a matter of a few seconds per frame, and EEVEE does this reliably. I’m also beginning to explore real-time animation – i.e. “game logic.”


There are add-ons for Global Illumination which if enabld can almost [Mind you almost ] match Cycles render outputs,
I think Eevee is getting better and better everytime

I do now. I do mostly stylized animation so I’ve got everything I need with Eevee.

The beauty of the Blender system is that you have several very-good and very-different alternatives available to you “all under one roof.” Plus, good ways to exploit external renderers.

Now … if I could only get Blender Internal back – either internally or externally . . . :thinking:

I use Eevee mainly for animation. For still renders I prefer Cycles, but since Eevee was introduced I try only to use Eevee, and make everything inside Blender - no editing outside of Blender, because I want to be able to make it an animation, and I don’t want to rely on farms to render my projects.

Most projects I make are in Eevee. It’s fast, but not fast enough for my needs. I’d like it to be much, much faster. Half an hour for 250 frames with 2-500.000 verts is way too slow.

Same here, but recently I’ve rediscovered the finesse of LuxCoreRender, which is not ideal for rendering animation though.

This is very strange question… People do different stuff, very different. So ask such question have sense only if you ask people which do very, very similar stuff.
Some studios use many renders in same time, for good reason. Some customers DEMAND some particular renderer, so you can obey or leave job. Also which level of production? I see fantastic work in Eevee, but really don’t even try to compare this to Arnold quality… or even Cycles.
So if Eevee is friendly for your potato laptop this don’t mean nothing in big picture. Just like this answers… imagine that sheep, wolf, lion, antelope, bear, fish… talk about his favorite diet.
Eevee can do some kind of professional job this is sure, but again this mean nothing.

My goal is to exclusively use Eevee, because I just loathe having to re-do a render because you fail to spot a mistake through all the noise (or de-noising). I managed to make a teaser image for one of our larger products in Eevee that went to print actually. We normally use Max with Vray, so it was interesting that I got away with that (very dark image, and some After Effects applied to it, though).

I try Eevee first with everything, but unfortunately haven’t managed to find good materials for things like cloudy plastic yet.

For animation Exclusively EEVEE here!!

P.S. It’s not really a VS video. I used V-ray for still and EEVEE for animation (Have to change the thumbnail)

Did you try using “viewport” rendering?
If you just final render, what Blender does is re-load all textures to your videocard for “every” frame, that way it takes so long.
Viewport rendering is waaaay faster at the cost on just a little bit of quality.

How do I render an animation using “viewport rendering”? I need it to render it out as JPG-files, like normal rendering.

Set the the output to jpg in the output property panel.

then go to your viewport and go to view → viewport render Animation

How many samples do you set for Eevee usually for final render ?

How to viewport render:

Just a heads up you should avoid rendering to JPEG that’s a lossy format. Use PNG instead


Jpg is good for previews because it runs so smooth in the vse.

Crank it, similar to how you would for Cycles.

Thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome bro!