Just plain Earth =]

I was figuring out how it would turn out with earth spinning. I had the camera rotate around earth instead of earth spinning on it’s axis. I think I would get a better result with the shadow if I had Earth itself spinning. What do you think? youtube link here
Special thanks to Rex Harby with his tut I followed in everything but the animation part. Thank you :slight_smile: I learned a lot! I’m gonna try to put in like a universal logo thing going on, but of course my name instead of “Universal Studios”.


Nice work! I think rotating the earth would be an improvement - but also make the camera move (just like it is now) as well.
Also it needs to be brightened up a bit (just add an RGB curve at the end of your noodle)
The Universal Studios idea is great too

I agree, it is nice work! Also, don’t forget to make the clouds move a little as well.