Just playing

… with Blender, Yafray and modelling technique I found today in some tutorial. Tell me what you like about this image and what you don’t.


I like the table top, the floor, and the carpet. But you need to add at least one extra light (non-shadow casting) because your shadows are too dark. The coffee mug handle renders particularly poorly because of this. Check out the 3-point lighting discussion in the Blender reference.

The table and chair legs look pencil-thin in places. The cereal bowl has too sharp an edge. The bottle looks somehow burnt at the top, and I’m not wild about the shape.

Suggestions: Give the walls a little texture and color and add some wall art. Also, a little trim where the floor and wall meet would enhance realism. Maybe give your bottle some transparency.

A little more detail and this could be an interesting scene. :slight_smile:

I tried to rework the picture… lighting still poses problems, though:


Most room with wood floors have Trim around the bottom of the wall. To keep the wax off the bottom of the walls. :slight_smile: looking nice