Just read, and no I am no making an mmo!!!!!!!

First of all, I am NOT going to make an mmorpg any time soon, but I do have a question…

(These are approximate guesses, don’t judge me…) About 95% of the community says hat an mmo made in blender is impossible, 5% say it is and try, 1% succedes. If these numbers are right, how does that one percent get a server? Do they make one, or is there some big online company thing that hosts a server? Is there a program?

I don’t plan on making an mmo any time soon, but I really want to know how it’s done in blender. Thanks, and p.s. don’t call me a noob, because I’m not!
P.P.S. If I ever sounded mean in this thread, I wasn’t trying to.

I think your numbers are wrong: No one ever actually created an mmorpg with the blender game engine. Saluk and Doogs made Crystal Dawn, but that was a morpg (notice the single ‘m’), because it could only support a set number of players, which was fairly low (and even so, it was just a simple demo).

The server, if I recall correctly, was one that Saluk set up himself, at the company he worked for (actually, the whole thing was very slow, because their bandwidth was completely inadequate, even when only a few players were on).

I don’t plan on making an mmo any time soon, but I really want to know how it’s done in blender
The same way it would be done with any other game engine: You create a client which will download the data that describes the overall game world (or parts which the player needs to know about), and then create the “local world” as described by that data.

In turn, any player input that effects that data will have to be sent back, and your “world process” (on the server), will have to make the appropriate updates.

That’s actually the most difficult part of making an mmorpg: creating the proper network architecture to support the persistent world, and many different players.

I see… Thanks! I was just really curious on how that all worked, and like I said, I don’t plan on making one, and if I do try it won’t be anytime soon.

Would it be possible to make (or get/find/whatever) a server that will support two players on different computers, or would there be an easier way to do that?

Hy there! The name of Saluk’s and Doogs game where “Crescent Dawn Online” if i remember well.

Look for Nanoshooter and Bzoo projects! I bet you will like it! :slight_smile:

@fabled face
go to your favorite computer stuff website(i like geeks.com best). see if they have an mmo capable server. but keep this in mind:not drive space we’re talkin’ here, 5 terabyte hdd should do good, if you partition it right. no, processing power, dude. just two players, maybe a low-end athlon with 512MB ram.
an actual mmo, well, WOW has a freakin’ warehouse for their servers. think a bit on that scale.

Thanks!!! Really, dude, thanks!:smiley: