Just Room

Hey all…
This is my first wip thread. Wanna know whats in your mind…
Render in Cycles with 500 sample.
Thanks and looking forward to all criticism and/or suggestions…


Looks great, nice details ove the room.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of sofas and couches with these really low backs. Does no one lean back anymore? I like the table, but the recess between the two parts looks like a real dust catcher. Scale it down, maybe, and put a glass top on it. I really like the picture on the wall. The rectangular shapes on the ceiling confuse me. Are they air vents? Oddly designed light fixtures? Acoustical panels? Artsy fartsy ceiling decorations?

Overall, it’s a nice room, but if I lived there, I’d use that sofa as a daybed, since it doesn’t look like it would be too comfortable just lounging around on it.

@estuardorosales: Thank you

@Orinoco: I think, that kind of sofa is ok as placed next to the wall. Just my thought :slight_smile:
I agree with you about the table and the sofa of course. That sofa need a little work to do. I’ll work with that later… Thanks for stopping by… Sorry for my broken English.