Just saw Open Season...

Went out with one of my friends to see Open Season, and wow! Graphics were superb, including wet fur, large amounts of and close-ups of swaying grass, also lots of great fluids (although on close inspection some of the splashes looked a bit like a particle system/meta ball combo.) Materials and textures were great. I saw it 3D in IMAX, so things looked pretty awesome anyway. Storyline was also great, lots of good gags and a good message. Anybody else see this yet?

4 stars from me graphics-wise, would’ve been 5 if it weren’t for the meta ball splashes.

Fluid effects were pretty well done and I liked how they did the CGI, really fit into the general style of the movie.

Haven’t seen it yet. Will be difficult to wait for the DVD this time. Wanna see it in IMAX for sure.

Lots of info here on the making of:

An interesting new tool was used on the characters. Kinda like the envelope tool in Flash.

Edit: Well, new to me. I wonder if this can be done with bones in Blender? Read about it in the “Animating the Animals” section.

I’ve only seen the trailer and while I liked the look of most of the animals, I wasn’t impressed with the deer. Their mouths looked weird like they belonged in a different cartoon.

I didn’t like it. Debra Messing is really not a good actress. I didn’t find the dialog funny and I wouldn’t have said the quality was that great either. Companies don’t seem to realise that it’s the story that makes the difference but they keep coming up with these lame stories over and over with really tedious jokes: I’m a doe, I’m a buck, I’m a duck. Yawn.

It annoys me because these companies are stereotyping computer-based animation. Film covers a huge range of subject matter from disney to sex, violence, science fiction etc so why does computer animation stick to the crappy kiddy cartoons? Don’t get me wrong, they have their place (in the trash :p) but there should be more on offer.

For it’s faults, at least that can’t be said about Elephants Dream. But then you get Plumiferos going the same route.

Computer animation is becoming the Nintendo of the film world.

yea these movies are already really anoying

now most of the movies are in cg, basicaly nothing to watch but cartoons

EDIT, i only know of two cg movies that are actualy a bit serious

and both of them are from final fantasy

Final Fantasy the spirits within and Final fantasy advent children or how ever u spell it
only two cg movies that are cerious and dont give out a retarded msg to ppl… just look at it
open season, over the hedge and all the other movies are basicaly copying each other… they all even look alike

While I agree the animation is beautiful and sometimes wow inspiring, it feels like a formula. A bit of Shrek / donkey relationship, and bit of Disney cuteness, a lot of cartoon clang-bump-bash. Enjoyed the trailer almost more than the film…

CG can be taken waaaaaaaaaaaaay further than or either just as a way of creating cheap special effects or either they’re cartoons.
It’s a shame to see that so many potential is wasted in this world.
Now THAT’s yet another reason why Elephant’s dream is a good short.
People are too busy looking at what others do. They want to follow the herd as not to do anything wrong.
It’s usually the marginal people who start a trend because they need to diversify themselves from the rest. Then others pick up on the trend and it becomes the norm. And when that happens, the cycle begins anew.

Two good cg movies (other than ED): Shrek and Shrek 2 :smiley: