Just saying hi...

To everyone who knew me, it’s Nayman, back from the dead.
I have recently been accepted to film school in Toronto, and having finished three shorts and being accepted to some international festivals, I have decided to take 3D animation back up in my spare time. You knew I couldn’t stay away!

To those I know, it’s nice to see you again, and those who are too new, I say hello! and keep up the good work. I’ll be popping by the Help section to catch up on these newfangled soft dynamics and fluid simulators (I got out of 3D when Edgeloops were introduced to blender!), so don’t expect any stellar work from anytime soon, but I’ll try and give ecks a run for his money once again (I am itching to retry the X51 mustang… I smell a dogfight).

Anyway, just saying hi.

(Also, thankx to goofster for hookin me up with the old password. My brain is getting old.)


Welcome back I’m sure you’ll find a lot of stuff changed, and will change.
happy 2006 btw

Hey, welcome back

I can only imagine what a ride it’s going to be for you : softbodies and fluids are only the most basic things you’re going to see/learn in the next months.


Damn it!!..just kidding. Welcome back! :smiley:

You died? :o


hello again.

Greetings, earthling.

BigBad, spearm is not allowed on these forums.

Spearm? Not allowed? As far as I know it’s one of the few things all people have in common!

So where are all the old timers? Env? Dittohead? Dare I say, BLENGINE?!

not after he got locked up for the powermuff incident :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i will never forget that :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I have.

Anyway, he’s posted at least until Feb 2005 so it was long past then.


hey IamInnocent.

Ha ha ha, blendinge…

I missed the powermuff thing. What was that?

Or was that when he started posting those awsome renders under a psudonym so he could be an A**hole?

He published a (poorly done) nudity-bordering on porn pic in a somewhat childish defiance gesture, without the recommended warning. As usual lots of people opposed to that stuff saw it protested and the rest you can guess. Blengine wasn’t banned, AFAIK, but haven’t read of him in close to a year of so.


I knew you couldn’t stay away any longer. welcome back, and I’m happy to have my usual co-worker aboard the ship again :wink:

a ghost!

welcome back to the realm of the living nayman!