Just simple Question

After Lot’s or extruding how to adjust texture mapping it look distorted in big model.

It isn’t a simple question if it doesn’t make sense

Please explain your problem further, what kind of mapping are you using that extruding has caused problems with.

I think I know what you mean niket.

In the middle of the Material Buttons, just to the right of the X,Y,Z panel, are the texture tile buttons.

Increase the X value and the Y value, then re-render. This should sort the problem.

Another thing to tweak would be the Filter value in the Texture buttons.


I think UV Mapping Better solve prob but there are lots of faces how to reduce them without damge to Building Model. Or how to merge coplaner faces to single face

I’m unsure about merging faces, but you could try the Decimator slider in the EDIT Buttons for your mesh. The value at the end of the purple slider, (Decimator904) is the number of faces, reduce the slider to reduce the value, then hit Apply just below the slider.

I don’t think you can do this in Face or Edit mode though.