Just some anime-related nerdery

I decided a while back that I wanted to make an Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) doll and then got sidetracked with school things. Came back to it this week and have been fussing with it for the past few days. Currently I’m battling with physical reality versus the size of anime character’s eyes… Making this model more difficult is that Edward’s eyes have a sharp, angular shape in addition to being huge. I’ve finally gotten those approximately the right shape, tomorrow I’ll probably fuss around with his nose some more. I think it’s too skinny even for the anime style now. Anybody with experience on anime-style heads have tips? This is my first time trying anime in 3D.

i thinkhis head could be smaller, I think his hair made some of his height xD

Personally , i think that if you want to keep a resemblance with the original character , you should not add too much detail on the noose.

I think his hair made some of his height

agreed on that.

About the eye , maybe you could add a lattice to flatten them a bit.

Peace :-).

The ‘trick’ I found that mostly works (without lattices) is to center the eye where you want it, adjust the scale so that it barely fits inside the head and then remodel the eye socket to fit around the eye.

You end up with a much flatter eye socket but that’s more in line with the flat faced anime style anyway.

My last model (before I got all lazy and turned her into an alien) I did this way and got some reasonably large eyes in proportion to the rest of the head but I haven’t tried one with the super-huge eyes which would probably only be possible through using lattices.

Good job on the model so far.

The dome of his head may be a bit too big… All the anime-styled dolls I’ve found have a pretty big dome though, so I guess I was trying to mimic that. The proportions of his face and body are in line with the official character sketches from the anime. After I posted last night I got to thinking though, about why I even want it to look identical to the 2D version and I decided that I want to make his eyes more the way Idea draws them, which I think will look a lot better in 3D than trying to convert such a defined 2D style… I’ve scrapped two heads already in this project, but I think I want to keep the rest of his face from this one because I’m pretty happy with how the tip of the nose and the lips came out. I’ll probably redo the eyes tonight.

Kaeru, I’m not sure I understand how you mean by a lattice here… are you talking about the eyeball or the surround?

would you mind showing the same pictures in wifeframe mode,
i wanna see how it lines up

Sure, I’ll do that this evening. For now I’ve got to go and participate in the goings on of the real world.

When I opened it up just now I had a niggling fear from last night confirmed in that I did not save the final version of what I got done yesterday. But since I’ve decided to come at things from a different angle anyway, I’m not too devastated. The big issue for me working from the 2D refs is that as with many anime characters, the structure of Ed’s face usually changes between the profile and front views. Here, his eye is much higher on the profile.

Okay, switched to a more realistic style of eye, tho still large and kinda flattened, but I like this style a lot better…

That is so neat! I just love anime and manga! I am glad you are doing this!

And some current pictures of my progress as I pack it in tonight…

wellit does line up, i guess its just weird seeing him without the hair
i love that ear btw, cant wait to see some hair?

This might be useful, someone made a rigged Miku Hatsune. If not for the mesh or materials, then check out the compositor nodes they have for the toon-edges (FSA only)!


Toon edges as in creating an outline? That’s pretty sweet… I was wondering how I’d fuss with that…

Took the day off from Ed, tomorrow I think I’ll move his eyeball a bit more to the side and make the socket more frontal, right now it needs 14 degrees of rotation to somewhat center the iris and I think it looks weird, and I noticed that he has plenty of room left in the temple. I think I’m going to flatten the lens a bit too, it seems too poofy right now and I think it may cause issues… Also thinking I should make a new texture for the iris that is a bit lighter… it looks a bit too dark once it’s in the eye there…

Also, can’t take credit for the ear, it’s not mine. I’ve made and scrapped a dozen ears and always ended up with holes in the mesh. I hate them and it’s just not fun, so I steal the ears of makehuman meshes. They’re low-poly enough that it works out well with blender.

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Looks pretty good!
I like it, though the head is a bit TOO round.
I’d lower it in the middle area.

As for the head, ah, yeah, I’ve gotten used to ball-jointed dolls and their egg-heads… I kind of assume anime to be a similar shape but, yeah, even tho most of the anime models do have really round crowns, I think I might want to smoosh his out a bit. Only worked on him for about an hour today, I was catching up on some reading for class. Moved his eye around so that it sits better and resmoothed his cheek after that, added eyelashes and eyebrows. Don’t worry, they’re not boing to be black and solid when all is said and done, I’ll make them nice, semi-transparent maps. Tomorrow I think I’m going to try starting on hair… I’m a little dubious about making a braid though, sounds difficult…

Braids are hard!
So, I got the back of his hair done today, but it looks like I’m going to have to save the bangs for tomorrow… or a couple days on if my arm keeps hurting from mousing…
I do not have the slightest clue what made his hair to ripple like that, but it’s totally bitchin’. I made it in six sections, the hair on top of his head being expanded from the three braid-bits and then the tuft on the bottom and some hair at the back of the neck that is not a part of the actual braid mesh.

thats a great start,
it looks tough tho, (modelling braids i mean)

wow those braids are hectic!! niiice! i see its been over a year, how have things come along?