Just some logos....

I decided to try and use Blender today, to practice and get a bit better, and so I decided to make some logos.

First one: Westwood Studios logo (refrence)
I don’t really know how to put the ‘studios’ at the bottom. Is there a way to make an image and then just assign it to one face? I seem to remember doing something like that once, but I forget where I found it.

Second logo:(From one of Westwood Studio’s games) C&C: Red Alert (refrence)


I take it you did these using Bezier Curves. I personally don’t like the bezier idea and would suggest attempting to create the same design using subsurfaced mesh objects.
I would suggest playing around with the options found in the curve and surface menu of the editing window (F9). Try upping the bevel resolution.

No, I didn’t use any bezier curves at all. I made a plane, extruded the verticies that I wanted, and then made faces after I had gotten the verticies where I wanted them.

Oh! my bad :-|.
In that case, I think you could subdivide the surface twice, then subsurf the logo to give it a smooth outline, that is if you think you are done with design. I wouldn’t suggest subdividing the mesh until after you are sure that you are pleased with the design.