Just Some Olive Oil [Cycles vs Corona Comparison]

Hello, I recently wanted to practice photorealism and when I was finished with the project in Blender I decided to give Corona another try after I played with it a bit in the “crippled” Blender version. I exported the scene into 3ds Max and tried to match everything as close as possible. For some reason Corona mapped textures differently so even when baked from Blender, they didn’t look exactly the same.

Here are the two renders and you can write down in the comments which one is which. The answer is in either of those links:


Ha, ha… well, bottom is Corona :no_mouth:
Both renders are good anyway.


Thanks mate! What gave it away? For me it’s always the way Corona handles glass and caustics but I’m curious if there are other things that make a big difference.

I test Corona for C4D ( free pre-release ). Corona is beautiful render, have his own “flavor”, see many Corona renders on his forums. Your picture is tough case :slightly_smiling_face:
I concentrate on glass and cork. So, it’s not only caustic, glass look more defined, cork look more… cork. This are small differences, honestly I was 84.375% sure. I do not know how much is Corona for Blender “crippled”, but If you have powerful CPU Corona is worth. For me Corona is better than Vray although they are under same roof these days.


@scoped nice renders and nice tests☺, but i think both engines are powerful on itself way. For some reason I think first is Corona and second one Cycles.

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For me, it’s the DOF that kind of gives it away. Corona is smoother - Cycles looks kind of “swirly” - like there is motion blur on the shot.

I’m hoping that someday we can add Bokeh images to Cycle’s camera to get chromatic aberration with DOF … but still … Cycles is a very solid renderer overall. Just like others, it’s got it’s strengths and weaknesses.

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@odil24 Thanks, I wish we could combine the best things about them in one engine.

@JoeW Actually that’s what I did here. I placed a black plane with a hole in the middle with slightly distorted colours to simulate a real aperture and hence, the bokeh is distorted. For some reason the effect is more pronounced in Corona which has dedicated options for that - you can add lens vignetting to distort bokeh towards the corners, a custom aperture and there’s a slider to make the circles more of a “donut” shape.

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Great sample scene. Any chance you could do a LuxCore comparison while you’re at it?


@Scoped One thing that I miss about Redshift was it’s use of Bokeh Images - you can create custom images using the RGB channels to make custom fringing - you aren’t limited to round, and all you had to do was add the image to the render settings for it to work. Here are some examples:
Bokeh_Hex Bokeh_Round Bokeh_Round_Loose Bokeh_Round_Tight HeartBokeh

The amount of overlap - or lack thereof - and the lens settings, determined the strength of the effect. Pretty cool to use. Would love to see this added to Blender’s DOF.


@Null_Dispatch Thank you! Well, I spent way too much time on this and I’ve never really been interested in LuxCore. If that changes, I’ll definitely post something!

@JoeW You can do that in Blender too. There’s a whole video on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDvuhuU9tFg
But it would be great to have some dedicated options for it in the UI.

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Yeah, it is, BUT i think every engine has itself pros and cons as industry standard needed and it will be always in future onthe concurancy.

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@Scoped - lol - What are the odds? I had just watched that when I read your reply :slight_smile:

That’s a very cool technique (in the video) - but you’re right in that it would be super-nice to be able to load an image into the camera and forgo the geometry requirement :slight_smile:

Sounds like an addon just aching to be written :wink:

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Maybe not so much an add-on, but a full feature within the camera options. Though I can see some potential problems with it that the devs would have to solve first.

As a photographer, I like Cycles better. It looks more realistic to my eye. I find contrast and colors are too aggressive on Corona render.

Tho I like more pronounced caustics.


Agreed - an integrated feature would be more desirable, but I’m sure it’d be pretty far down the list of things to add, so an addon might be a good stopgap solution :wink:

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As @bdancer (V-Ray for Blender developer) said to me a long year ago: “The best tool (render engine) is that you’ve used and knows better than other one”. :blush:


@Coldloki I decided to redo the post-processing because a lot of people’s been telling me about it. You can see the updated version in the first post.

@JoeW Time for me to learn scripting :smiley:

@odil24 Definitely! Though you can’t cross the ocean with a car.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you, Bart! Have a good one too!

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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