just some pens

Exactly as the title says, just some pens.
This was an experiment with nodes to try an get a realistic render with blender internal.


the labels are all backward though, not sure why

Looks really great.

I think the DOF might be just a little narrow for an ordinary camera. Also the shadows being cast by the light just behind and below the camera are a little distracting. You might want to turn off ray shadows for it.

“As you can see in the 3D viewport, the UV’s are backwards. I do not know why this happens, as it does not happen all the time. Fortunately, this is easily fixed. Select all the vertices in the UV window with the “A” key. In the “UVs” menu, select “Mirror” and then mirror in the “X” direction. This will flip the UV layout around and the test image will show properly in the 3D viewport.”

Taken from this tutorial:


Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

The models look good and the render is top notch.

Cheers for the help

That’s cool! Well done poke. Did you make the image on the background? I’d like to see it :).

Perhaps if the shadows under the markers were not so sharp (use a buffered shadowed lamp) I think I’d look better. But thats just my opinion.

Good work.

Cheers, yes it is mine.

The lighting and the pen placement are on time. Obviously the artistry of the pens is wonderful, this goes without saying. Very impressive overall artwork!