Just some questions...

How would your aproach be to do an mesh(with out using nurbs and curves, etc) like this one?
http://www.silo3d.com/Tutorials/Subdivision_Surfaces/partial_cube.jpg(it’s from Silo homepage’s)

Why can’t you use curves then hit alt+c?

I agree… This looks like a simple 3 point bezier curve converted to a mesh.

HOWEVER, since you asked for a mesh only.

Add a plane and a circle, delete 3/4 of the circle and 1 vertex of the plane.

Move these two objects so they line up correctly, use “f” to join the 2 edges of the plane to the circle.

Make faces and then extrude.

Pretty simple but I really like curve for this kind of work better…

Two ways:

simple subsurf with zero length extrusions for sharp corners


or start with cylinder erase 3 quadrants and extrude


It was mostly curiosity, because i was trying Silo, and that shape it’s really easy to get, just get a cube and subdivide two faces various times.

So I just wanted to know if you could do it a really quick and easy way, and using curves will take more time that what I wanted.(Yeah I wanted it really quick! but prolly Blender masters can do it really fast with curves but I can’t :stuck_out_tongue: )

So the simple subsurf and stuff that GreyBeard suggested is what I’m prolly looking for.

Also I’m curious now, Is there a way to convert a subsurfed mesh to real mesh?

Alt+C converts nearly anything to mesh (well, text goes to curve first)

To create that shape with curves:
Add a bezier circle
Press V to break the tangents
rotate by 45 degrees
remove one point
move 2 handles to get the curve you want

Or, alternatively:
Add a NURBS circle
remove the points on the sides of the “square”, leave the 4 corners
Change the weight of 3 of the corners as high as it will go

I got the Bezier way of doing it, tought I didn’t got the NURBS way of doing it… I’m good with meshes and a lil good with Bezier but not with NURBS haven’t played enough with em before :smiley:

And about doing it using Bezier curves, you also have to convert to mesh and then extrude it to get the shape.

But it still can’t beat making a cube, pressing D(to get face selection mode), then shift + a mouse click on each face to select, and pressing alt + C(subdivide) 3-4 times, like you do in Silo.

It’s not like I’m thinking about moving to Silo, I love Blender, just curiosity, and besides Silo is just a modeler and his strong point is supposed to be partially in subdivision.

No need to convert to mesh
Just set the “Ext1” value in Editbuttons

About the simple ’ subsurf with zero length extrusions for sharp corners ’
it might sound silly but I haven’t understood how to achieve it. Althrought I understood that it was just making a cube, subsurf and changing a value, that’s why I said it was quite fast. The part that I don’t get it’s the zero length extrusions part, where can I change that value? :o

Zero-length means that you don’t move the vertices after extruding. Just select a face, press E, Enter and Esc.

To explain my comment on zero length extrusions. In subsurfing the closer 2 edges are together the sharper the crease will be. If the two edges are on top of one another you get a perfectly sharp crease. So select a face of the cube, extrude and just press escape – this creates a new set of verticies on top of the originals creating sharp creases in your subsurfed object.

Note: make sure you don’t remove doubles on the object or you will lose your sharp creases. In practice I almost always extrude a tiny amount to create a small bevel – there are no perfectly sharp creases in nature.


edit: If you check the news and chat forum you will notice that some testing builds already have true adjustable creases for subsurfed objects like in Maya and Silo :smiley:

wondering if this is still the case with 2.33

Subsurf ->catmull Clark or Simple subdiv??

I am tryin go to get


do i extrude a face (so 4 edges) or just a edge???

With the new build from news&chat, or in 2.34 when it comes out:

Add a cube
Catmull-clark subsurf
Select all
Shift+E, make the number big (ideally infinite)
select just the two verts in the top left
Shift+E, set to 0

Simple subdiv doesn’t smooth the mesh - it just adds more verticies for thigs like displacement maps and rendertime radiocity.

This feature is not in CVS. AFAIK, it still needs much checking up and is not a 2.34 target. It will depend on when 2.34 “ships” though.


Ah, I thought it was in the bf CVS tree. :expressionless:

So it’s just in those released builds then? or is it in tuhopuu?

Neither. It’s a patch that some people choose to apply to their release.



I am trying to follow you, “OG” blender guys, but you guessed i can’t.

Philip, i am using 2.33a

Select all and Shift +E (doesn’t do anything)

With shift + E do you mean just E (extrude)?

This is a simple object or not??

Thnks in advanced

The Shift + E feature seems like it’s not in the 2.33a
However about that patch, why do that people send the patch to the tuhopuu cvs?

EDIT: Keitai, I managed to do it the way that with subsurf, using Catmull-Clark subsurf, by extruding with zero lengh all the faces individually, then extruding again with zero.

It still isn’t as fast as Silo :wink: For me the nurbs circle method Phlip proposed was the best one in the end, just because I have to extrude each face one by one and to get that shape by extruding you need 76 vertex :o

Like I said, you need a special build - the feature isn’t in any official builds yet

Look in the News&Chat forum for the “weighted creases” thread