Just some questions...

1st:What is Harmony Build?
2nd: Should/Why do I need to get it?
3rd: (After reading a post…) Will it work with Win7 64bit users?

  1. Harmony and candy build are WIP versions of blender. They are actively being developed and may be unstable. So while they have many extra features (harmony has sun-lamp shadows I think?) it comes at a cost.
    Over time the features from these builds are merged into the main version of blender.

  2. If you need a specific feature that is only available in the Harmony branch, then yeah, get it. But otherwise wait until they get all the bugs out of the features, and put them in the main version of blender.

  3. If it was ompiled on 64bit windows yes. You can compile the source yourself if they don’t provide a 64bit build.

Oh okay I’ll wait a while before I get it…