just somthing i wrote

You mad me feel warm
Now im cold
You made me feel importanted
Now i am nothing
I am broken
No one can fix me
Not even you
You stabed me through my heart
I am dieing with my empty hand out
Now there is no one to hold it
Now i am nothing
I am sinking in to iternity
I can not die
Not even if i try
Just keep reliving this nightmare
You were my everthing
Now your nothing
]Never could i love you again
Why did You gave the stregth To get through all the bad times
When u knew you where just Going to take it away
Your hurting me more and more
When will this pain end
Oh but its olny started
Please just take it away!
Just end my pain
Nothing can help me now!
Not even you the one who started this all
its not that great…its not that bad tho…

i dont get it… what is it?

That’s heavy stuff - I feel the pain !

a poem/song… well i plan on making it a song…

thank u kbot =)

A song - what instruments do you play ? And do you do have any originals ?

This poem could be a bit of a cliché…

“…And then my heart shatters into a million pieces of burning pain that drown me in a sea of infinite blindness, tearing me apart blah blah blah…”

End of rant…

I don’t want to be insulting, but if you want to write poetry, I would suggest trying your hand at portraying more complex emotions, rather than just ‘pain’ for example. And you’re probably capable of doing that. (I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad poem… .just done a LOT.)

im learning guitar…its kinda hard to teach your self…im 14… i dont have any money… my mom is a b***h and will not pay for any and i dont really want some on to teach me…um… yeah… originals…what do u mean?

OH, you’re 14, well in that case, take my previous post a bit less seriously… (not that you were probably taking it seriously anyway:p)

yeah your right

Well, I hope I didn’t make you feel discouraged. Anybody writing anything deserves credit.

Annoying when you are 14 with no money! I was 14, had money, but no time to spend on it an recreational stuff 'cause I worked 7 days (yes that) & I did it for the next 5 years give or take some weeks I took off for school trips etc. Don’t be hard on your mom either, she’ll give her life for you if it came to that!
EDIT - Originals - I mean do you write your own songs + music!

yeah i write all my own music. i live in the country… no car…my mom leaves for work at 5am.so if i had a job no way for me to get to work…

nope. u didnt =)

At least you have the 'net & a computer. There’s other ways of making music - A good kiwi band (who name leaves my memory just now) had a cool composition with music from an Amiga computer. The single was released about a year ago - it didn’t make waves - but struck something with me!

o…cool…try to think of the band name…

How many’s in your group ?

2…me and my friend Tarkata14…we live with in walking distence of each other…he is the singer… we havent recorded anything yet…im waint for a electric guitar…i hate accoustic…

Cor Blimey that’s cool! What drew you onto this site . . . since you seem more musically inclined ?

um…idk my friend Tarkata14… showed me blender and i was like SWEET…so then he showed me this site…iv never been to a forum…so yeah =)