Just Started! ( My first 3D Model ) {Cycles}

Even though this is my first real 3D Model i am kind of pleased by the Result. Still, i know that things that could be done better. ( Sorry for not being able to give a Wire -Cycles )

I am already happy to see your Critique and hope to improve fast so i am able to call myself a Pro soon aswell.

Additional Information:

Verts: 392908
Faces: 392432
Objects: 8/8
Lamps: 3/3

Only used Standard Materials

Thx, for reading my Post. :3


Looks great! You might want to move your lights around and experiment with different positions for them, because the spots on the sword that are really, really bright look unnatural. Other than that, the modeling looks good, the shaders look good. Now all you have to do is put it in a scene :yes:

That’s an impressive model/design. I like it. I do agree that the render is really glare-y. I know squat about cycles, but with the lighting…start with real low lighting and build up incrementally from there. At least for me that helps because I don’t know enough about lighting to have an idea beforehand where to begin when lighting a scene.