Just started, pointers?

Hey guys, i just started Blender, watched some tutorials, and came up with this in half an hour, any pointers?
Thanks in advance!

Cool cool! Welcome! I’d recommend making the gun from separate objects. Make the sights one object, the trigger another, etc. When I first started modeling my plane I was making the main body as just one object, when I added a loop cut for one small thing it went over the whole plane. The topography was hell. You can see in the screenshot how half ass it was -__-

There’s a lot of small things you’ll learn by yourself as you do more and more Blending. If you have any problems just post here and someone will help you out :slight_smile:

Also what gun are you modeling?

Good luck!

Welcome to the amazing BA community!! looks cool, but I have to agree with @coolfield7, make things separate as it would be easier to troubleshoot the mesh once the whole model starts getting more complex, as an example just imagine if I would have modeled the landing gear of my F-16 WIP project as one…it would have been hell!!!

Anywho, welcome and happy Blending!!!

Just doing a single shot break action. How do you do multiple objects?

Press and hold “shift” then press “A” and a menu appears, go to meshes and click on what you want to model. Lets say you add a cube and you model the stock, I recommend you don’t model the rest of the gun from that modeled stock. Go out of Edit mode add another cube and then model the barrel.

I just did a model with multiple objects, easier to manipulate multiple parts, thanks guys!