Just starting out

I am currently very new to blender, and I have only used it for about a month, so I would apreciate some feedback on this model.( super basic, I havent even added textures or used any materials/compositing/setting up render) just tips on modelling please.
P.s. I noticed that I used a crap ton of polygons, any tips?

Sorry you got no replays. Do you have a subsurf applied. You should post a mesh. Do you want to animate this? Do you want more detail? Retopo or sculp it.

I think I’d do a little more around the waist … make that line from the shoulder to the waist have a slight curve to it. Add eyes, of course. Then see how well the figure animates. See if you can have him jump up in the air, pirouette around once in a correct ballet pose, land delicately, and take a sweeping bow towards the audience (us).

Haha looking good so far, I’m not sure if you’re using a mirror modifier or not, but if you are try turning on merge and fiddling with the hierarchy of the modifiers to get rid of that crease down the middle of the model. (If it’s not meant to be there)

at least you found this site pretty fast, hopefully you found blender cookie too. you should deff do this tutorial even though its of a alien just apply the method to this character for a 2nd try maybe or even do the alien too just for the experience.

also one tip try to keep your toons as low poly as possible and let the subsurf lvl 2 modifier do the smoothing for you.
you can always apply it later if you want but you dont even need to and by having as least amount of vertices possible it makes modeling a lot easier. the tut will teach about it and does a good job at keeping it low poly and letting the subsurf do the work.

another really simple character tut that i liked a lot when i first started and shows you dont need much verts is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db5ms1wjMFA&feature=related it doesnt do too much face detail but the body isnt half bad and teaches a good easy box modeling technique that is easy to take farther… but not as good as the alien.
im about a lil over a year end and just using that site and doing some tuts on there helps you learn hotkeys fast and basically how to model anything you want. and also helps to teach some texturing methods rigging animating ect. dont worry youll get better if you keep at it and also make sure you just save whatever projects you work on even if you arent 100% happy because you will learn how to fix stuff you arent happy with or get stuck on and can improve the model in the future even if you dont like it now. cya